Makin’ Beats with J/O/E

My co-host Tony Dunn and I had an opportunity to interview J/O/E on episode 51 of Modern Brews + Beats podcast. Since then, he’s released the project, 4pk with Fostepco (available on Bandcamp). If this is your introduction to him, get into his music and check out the Q&A. Then, visit the podcast to hear more from him.

GLM: If you had to describe your sound in three words, what would those words be?

J/O/E: Authentic, Raw, Alternative 

GLM: Name three beers that folks new to North Texas must try and why:

J/O/E: No particular order. First, El gran Pepinillo, a pickle & pepper lager from Hop Fusion Ale Works. Perfect amount of flavor without losing its beer integrity. Also make a great Michelada. Second, Dadgum IPA from Rahr & Sons Brewing Company. Just something about the citrus tasting west coast hops in there that would make a non IPA drinker enjoy it. Third? Hmm, Sweet Fang from Panther Island Brewing. This chocolate peanut butter milk stout just hits all the right spots for me. Reese’s cups are my favorite candy & this is definitely that in an adult beverage.

GLM: You have a skateboard in your image. How long have you been boarding?

J/O/E: Since early 2000’s. Always been a Fan. Yes, I do flips tricks & all that jazz. Favorite skaters include Stevie Williams, Paul Rodriguez, Andrew Reynolds, & Geoff Rowley. Favorite skate video is Baker 3.  

GLM: If you only had one social media or music handle to give for fans to follow, what would it be?

J/O/E: @BrewedUpJoe Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

GLM: Name three artists/producers you’d love to collaborate with?

J/O/E: 9th Wonder, Madlib & Black Thought RIP MF DOOM

Hear more at Bandcamp.