Sananda Maitreya Pandora's Playhouse cover image

Tunecrush: Sananda Maitreya “Pie”

From his album, Pandora’s Playhouse, Sananda Maitreya releases a video for the single, “Pie”. Along with animation and what looks like a who’s who of young Italian modeling talent, you see references to the transcendental and irrational number π. Being considered famous – a celebrity – has transcendence and irrationality baked in the pie, if you will. Given the work, time and chance needed to produce the product, who wouldn’t want to enjoy every fucking slice they can before their mortal demise? As Maitreya sings, “It’s paradise if you want to sweat a lot, and pay the cost”. Especially poignant is the yellow submarine image with himself, members of the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Mozart and Prince floating away. As an artist who is – thankfully(!) – still with us and making music, I share this track as a celebration and want him to enjoy all the pie here and now.