Kevin McHale – Boy EP

A Michael Jackson-inspired yowl kicks off Kevin McHale’s five-track EP, Boy. While American audiences know Kevin most from the Fox series, Glee, as Artie Abrams, some know well of his time in the boy band, NLT. With this solo project, Kevin brings catchy pop music that’s unapologetically homoerotic.

Letting your neuroses get the better of you is the lyrical core of “Help Me Now”. Kevin’s character takes feelings of insecurity within a relationship to absurd levels, even bluntly asking “do you wanna fuck?”. Can’t say the man doesn’t know how to communicate. The heat climbs from there with the next tracks, “James Dean”. “Arizona”, and “All I Want is You”.

With “Younger”, Kevin’s character recounts a childhood infatuation with another boy and wonders what would have happened had he been ready and if they weren’t kids. Kevin sings, “We could’ve done white picket fences and could have been fine, but I needed time to slow.” Towards the song’s end, he speaks to his would-be lover in Portuguese.

While the overall production on Boy feels like a series of pop demos, curious to hear what a proper full-length project could bring from Kevin.