Cole G. Photo Credit: Chauncia V.

Makin’ Beats Q&A with Cole G

My co-host Tony Dunn and I had an opportunity to interview Cole G on episode 48 of Modern Brews + Beats podcast. Since then, he’s released two projects – the latest of which is PTO Daze (available on Bandcamp). If this is your introduction to him, get into these beats and check out the Q&A. Then, visit the podcast to hear more from him.

GLM: What equipment are you using to create your beats? Any new tech or app toys?

COLE G: Currently I use a Maschine MK3 & a MPK Mini. It really seems like all I need for now. I like having a pretty minimal setup at the moment. Forces me to make the most out of what I have. I see producers with all these other cool techy products, and I feel like I would get too overwhelmed with all of the equipment lol

GLM: As you find the samples to build on for your beats, has there been an artist or group whose work you’ve developed a new appreciation for? 

COLE G: Yes, too many! From the early Chicago Jazz scene of Sun Ra, to pop sensations of Janet Jackson & Mariah Carey. It’s dope to really dive into some artist discography. Everyone knows their hits, but you’ll be surprise of some of the hidden gems you can find off their albums. One artist in particular is Dionne Farris, my mom actually told me to check her music. I never heard of her before, but she has a beautiful song called “Hopeless” on the Love Jones movie soundtrack that I have sampled. 

GLM: Any specific plans for 2021 releases or shows? 

COLE G: Nothing hard planned at the moment but a lot of ideas. Would like to drop a project that has good mixture of both instrumentals & vocals/raps this year though. Right now just working on my craft, and creating as much as possible until that spark comes and I start entering “album mode.” Have been sending beats to some homies though, so hopefully get some more producer credits under my belt .

GLM: Will you and your brother, Blaksmith, consider doing a full album together?

COLE G: Oh most definitely! I produced majority of tracks for his last album. It’s dope having my brother as a rapper because the natural chemistry is there. Nothing new planned yet, but we work super quick together. So when the time & energy is right, I’m confident we’ll put something together again easily. 

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