B. Slade – Taurus

B. Slade has a deep well of songs to share. In the past twelve years he’s released 30 albums – an incredible amount of music. Then add his gospel albums from the earlier moniker, Tonex, to that discography, and you have an immense production history.

Taurus is his 2nd full-length project for 2019. With his birthday being May 16th, B. Slade gives his fans the gift of music with this birthday mixtape. Tracks like the blissful “Waves of Love”, “Very Best Man, and “Girl, I Just Want You Around” are radio-ready singles. The overall album production is trap music, though it switches up from time to time. Sensual slow jams (“Nowhere Fast Tonight”, “Wonder”), a touch of 60’s soul (“Stubborn”), and mid-tempo R&B sounds complement the set.

One thing that I find fascinating with some tracks is that he chooses to mute the profanity. On the aforementioned “Waves of Love”, he clarifies his interest in someone by saying “I just wanted to acknowledge you / Naw, I ain’t talking about fucking – I’m talking ‘bout vibing with you.”. Yet on “Mood”, “Pause”, and “Nothing To See Here”, the sung/spoken curses get cut. While it doesn’t ruin the overall experience with those songs, it’s a curious move.

There are two tracks that were unexpected earworms for me. “Boy, Interrupted” didn’t stick with me at first. Then came the almost two-minute vamp at the end. The pull was magnetic. It’s become my favorite track on the record. The second surprise was “Love My Life”. Considering B’s unique path and all that he’s experienced to support his artistic vision, it’s an anthem of celebration that unites the project’s theme. Taurus showcases the lover and fighter who’s stubborn about his craft.