Adam Lambert – Velvet Side A

From talk show performances earlier in 2019, it was clear that Adam Lambert’s fourth solo project was going to be influenced by the sounds of the 1970s. After all, Lambert has been performing lead vocals for Queen – one of the decade’s best-known bands, so the influence is understandable. Listening to the new EP, Velvet Side A brings an engaging – albeit brief – vocal performance from Lambert. The overall production receives inspiration from the past without getting lost in it.

Speaking about those talk show performances, the first single, “New Eyes” isn’t on Velvet Side A. Perhaps Lambert will save that song plus “Coming In Hot” for Side B. In the meantime, the funk-tinged second single and opener “Superpower” has echoes of Freddy Mercury (in an “Another One Bites the Dust” framework) as well as Faith-era George Michael. He brings similar George Michael energy to “Loverboy” with a touch of Chic. “Closer to You”, the album’s expressive third single sounds like it’s from the songbook of Pink. “Overglow”, the fourth track on the EP with a vocal performance that in my mind oscillates between Fleetwood Mac and 80’s era Heart.

At just six songs, Velvet Side A may be Lambert’s best project yet. Looking forward to hearing Side B whenever it’s released.

Tunecrush: Adam Lambert “Superpower”

While Adam Lambert has the enviable position as the lead vocalist with Queen over the last few years, he’s also been writing new solo music. While his first album right after American Idol has had the highest chart success in the U.S., I feel his upcoming EP, Velvet Side A, could make a bigger splash stateside than his previous two outings. The single, “Superpower”, has an 80s production like Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”, bridging disco and rock with ease. And much like the Queen track, there’s sticking power to it.

Share your thoughts on Adam Lambert’s single, “Superpower”, from Velvet Side A, scheduled to be released on September 27, 2019.