Makin’ Beats with J/O/E

My co-host Tony Dunn and I had an opportunity to interview J/O/E on episode 51 of Modern Brews + Beats podcast. Since then, he’s released the project, 4pk with Fostepco (available on Bandcamp). If this is your introduction to him, get into his music and check out the Q&A. Then, visit the podcast to hear more from him.

GLM: If you had to describe your sound in three words, what would those words be?

J/O/E: Authentic, Raw, Alternative 

GLM: Name three beers that folks new to North Texas must try and why:

J/O/E: No particular order. First, El gran Pepinillo, a pickle & pepper lager from Hop Fusion Ale Works. Perfect amount of flavor without losing its beer integrity. Also make a great Michelada. Second, Dadgum IPA from Rahr & Sons Brewing Company. Just something about the citrus tasting west coast hops in there that would make a non IPA drinker enjoy it. Third? Hmm, Sweet Fang from Panther Island Brewing. This chocolate peanut butter milk stout just hits all the right spots for me. Reese’s cups are my favorite candy & this is definitely that in an adult beverage.

GLM: You have a skateboard in your image. How long have you been boarding?

J/O/E: Since early 2000’s. Always been a Fan. Yes, I do flips tricks & all that jazz. Favorite skaters include Stevie Williams, Paul Rodriguez, Andrew Reynolds, & Geoff Rowley. Favorite skate video is Baker 3.  

GLM: If you only had one social media or music handle to give for fans to follow, what would it be?

J/O/E: @BrewedUpJoe Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

GLM: Name three artists/producers you’d love to collaborate with?

J/O/E: 9th Wonder, Madlib & Black Thought RIP MF DOOM

Hear more at Bandcamp.

Cole G. Photo Credit: Chauncia V.

Makin’ Beats Q&A with Cole G

My co-host Tony Dunn and I had an opportunity to interview Cole G on episode 48 of Modern Brews + Beats podcast. Since then, he’s released two projects – the latest of which is PTO Daze (available on Bandcamp). If this is your introduction to him, get into these beats and check out the Q&A. Then, visit the podcast to hear more from him.

GLM: What equipment are you using to create your beats? Any new tech or app toys?

COLE G: Currently I use a Maschine MK3 & a MPK Mini. It really seems like all I need for now. I like having a pretty minimal setup at the moment. Forces me to make the most out of what I have. I see producers with all these other cool techy products, and I feel like I would get too overwhelmed with all of the equipment lol

GLM: As you find the samples to build on for your beats, has there been an artist or group whose work you’ve developed a new appreciation for? 

COLE G: Yes, too many! From the early Chicago Jazz scene of Sun Ra, to pop sensations of Janet Jackson & Mariah Carey. It’s dope to really dive into some artist discography. Everyone knows their hits, but you’ll be surprise of some of the hidden gems you can find off their albums. One artist in particular is Dionne Farris, my mom actually told me to check her music. I never heard of her before, but she has a beautiful song called “Hopeless” on the Love Jones movie soundtrack that I have sampled. 

GLM: Any specific plans for 2021 releases or shows? 

COLE G: Nothing hard planned at the moment but a lot of ideas. Would like to drop a project that has good mixture of both instrumentals & vocals/raps this year though. Right now just working on my craft, and creating as much as possible until that spark comes and I start entering “album mode.” Have been sending beats to some homies though, so hopefully get some more producer credits under my belt .

GLM: Will you and your brother, Blaksmith, consider doing a full album together?

COLE G: Oh most definitely! I produced majority of tracks for his last album. It’s dope having my brother as a rapper because the natural chemistry is there. Nothing new planned yet, but we work super quick together. So when the time & energy is right, I’m confident we’ll put something together again easily. 

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Tunecrush: RIVIN’s new single “Distance” evokes 80’s pop vibe

His name may be new to GLM readers, but RIVIN plans to make a new name and new ear candy for your headphones. When the London-based musician wasn’t touring, his vocal talent was heard in English, Italian and German with major agencies in Germany for TV, film and advertising. Listen to the track, then get to know more about RIVIN (born Riccardo Vino) in our exclusive Q&A below.

As an accomplished pianist and actor, it feels like RIVIN is a creative rebirth for you. Is that accurate?

You could say that. In the last few years, I had toured with my band in Europe, especially Germany and Switzerland, singing classic “radio days” music of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. It has been a wonderful journey where I have learned a lot in terms of stage presence and building a connection with the audience. Before that I have worked as an actor, yes, but the problem with acting is that you are pretty much on wait mode all the time.. the famous telephone that never rings. I had not time to wait. So, since music is where I started (I began taking piano lessons at the age of 5) it is also where I went back to. And after singing for many years other’s people music I had decided it was time I wrote my own songs, and commit full time to pop music.

I like the 80’s pop feel in this new track. What inspired it?

I wrote the song in April 2020 while in Berlin during the first lockdown. Common words like distance, isolation, remote had become the new norm in our daily vocabulary. That’s how the new track, “Distance”, came to life. I didn’t want anything sad or melancholic though. I remember you could hear all kind of Covid songs everyday on social media. Most of the time, they weren’t very happy. I wanted something upbeat, energetic and fun – something uplifting. While many of my songs may come from a place of pain or discomfort, they still contain a message of hope and optimism, always. As far as the 80’s inspiration, the music from that era is so full of colours and energy that me and my producer Jineo decided to go all for it.

Is there a full-length album on the way? If so, when and what sounds can we expect on the full album?

Yes, I’m working on a full-length album which will probably be released in September. I’m still working through titles. There will be ballads, like “I’ll Never Say Sorry”, dance-pop, chillout, top 40. I like experimenting and I like exploring. Maybe one day I’ll be known for that guy who sings intense weepy songs, like Lewis Capaldi, or maybe I’ll be more of a Weeknd guy. Time will tell. Stay tuned!

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