Thank You for the Music: Ari Gold

It was 2006-2007 when first became aware of vocalist and performer Ari Gold. I’d received a press release for his album, Transport Systems, that featured glowing reviews from leading gay publications as well as Billboard and even Clive Davis. I reached out to Rich Overton who was handling his PR at the time for an interview with Ari after sharing my thoughts on the album on my previous blog and podcast, Mandrake Society Radio.

I remember Ari being a joy to talk to and I had an opportunity to record two interviews with him. He was adamant about LGTBQ artists being bold in their music and not waiting for mainstream pop acceptance. It was through him that I would become aware of organizations like OutMusic – The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA). By the time he released his follow-up project, Between the Spirit and the Flesh, I’d gone on a sabbatical from regular blogging and podcasting.

We followed each other on Twitter and that’s where I first learned of his cancer diagnosis. I was so hopeful for a recovery. So it was a big shock to learn that he died this past Valentine’s Day – just three days after his 47th birthday.

I’m very grateful to have had an opportunity to know him and promote his music through my media channels.

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